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ATTENTION TRAINING SEMINARS – ATI seminars are informal and informative. Dr. Ernest Mastria provides the group with all the information necessary to promote a life-style change from a hesitant, fear of offending, non-expressive manner of living to a spontaneous, interaction with the present.

Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD) is explained in detail as well as the aspects of the socialization process that was instrumental in building the “Bad Habit”.

The very important Four Points are demonstrated and taught so that all members may increase their comfort and begin to “jumpstart” their automatic awareness.

The Four Points is priceless in its ability to provide focus in the present and to reduce the effects of negative, out of present, habit thoughts. However, the Four Points only win battles.

It is Taking Back Small Times that triumphs in the war with the “Bad Habit”. This ground breaking technique is explained and practiced until all members of the seminar are completely comfortable to employ the Four Points and Taking Back Small Times together.

All the secondary techniques that support the Four Points and Taking Back Small Times are explained and taught by Dr. Mastria.

As a biological technique, the success of Attention Training is predictable. Only three behaviors are necessary from seminar participants:

  1. You must want to attain happiness and be determined to take it for yourself.
  2. You must make Attention Training one of the most important things in your life, because without it, you don’t have a life.
  3. Finally, you must do the work until automatic awareness is jumpstarted.

In addition to studying RAD and Attention Training, each participant may choose a major area of focus. These areas include:

  1. INDIVIDUAL – This area focuses on what the individual may do to live life as fully as possible. Individual Attention Training is intense with major benefit coming from the relationships developed among participants. Quite often, members will meet after the seminar to discuss what they have learned. They often trade phone numbers and develop an ongoing communication to discuss particular points, successes, and areas that may need improvement. This sharing of opinions among members has proven to be an invaluable help to enable all to be as successful as possible in the shortest period of time.
  2. CHILDREN – Children are too young to understand the concepts and techniques of RAD and Attention Training. In addition, kids should be running, playing and socializing rather than spending their time in a Doctor’s office for sessions. Parent(s) and caretaker(s) spend the most time with their children each day and Dr. Mastria has taken advantage of this family characteristic to make Attention Training for Children a procedure that may be administered by parent(s) and caretaker(s) making Attention Training for children a rapidly effective, economical, and logical learning experience for the child and caretaker(s) without the, at times, trauma of dealing with a stranger who may ask unwanted and troubling questions of the child. The Attention Training program for children is valuable to prevent the development of the “Bad Habit” in young children and to rid the “Bad Habit” in those children who have developed it.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS – Dr. Mastria has found that the “Bad Habit” not only functions to prevent spontaneous expression of individuals in the present but also attempts to prevent closeness in relationships. As he had accomplished for children, Dr. Mastria has converted the Four Points for individuals into a four point program for relationships.
  4. SCHOOLS – Often, students have difficulty focusing on studies. They are frequently distracted by out of present, habit thoughts, anticipating failure from their efforts. Attention Training has proved valuable in teaching students to focus on what is in front of them and only to handle situations when they present themselves.
  5. EMPLOYEES – Employees often bring worries, concerns, and family problems to work with them. These out of present, habit thoughts effect productivity, safety, and co-worker relationships resulting in large corporate losses every year. Attention Training seminars for employees focuses on providing each member with a logical reason for their discomfort as well as the tools to enhance their focus in the moment both at work and at home.
  6. LEARNED DISCOMFORT RESULTING FROM TRAUMA – These seminars focus on the participant’s low contact with the present and the tendency to physically react to past events as if occurring in the present. The very important concepts and principles of RAD and Attention Training are taught to correctly view past events as memories and as not occurring in the here and now so that they are unable to elicit negative emotion. Participants may include victims of crime, soldiers injured physically and/or mentally in war, accident victims, loss of a loved one, near death experiences, or any other event that had and continues to have a significant impact on the individual’s life.
  7. TRAINERS – Individuals from various organizations, including: education, business, health facilities, spas, military, community groups, etc. are trained to administer Attention Training. Four seminars are taught by Dr. Mastria and include all the essential aspects of RAD and Attention Training. All supporting techniques are covered in depth and the members are trained to think in the present so that they may be most effective in their training techniques.
  8. ONGOING GROUPS – Individuals who have attended an Attention Training seminar on any of the offered topics may join an ongoing Attention Training group. These groups will meet once per week and will reinforce the skills learned in seminars. Special focus will be placed on supporting techniques. Areas of interest to the members will be addressed.


Seminars are conducted over a 3 hour period with additional time added if necessary. Ongoing groups are conducted weekly for 45 minute periods.


Attention Training Seminars and Groups are conducted at the Attention Training Institute, 1303.5 Main Street, Belmar, New Jersey 07719 on an ongoing basis. A maximum of 12 participants will compose the seminars and groups.
Seminars and groups may also be conducted at locations designated by participants for their convenience and may include any number of participants. 


Attention Training seminars and groups are conducted with the convenience of the participants in mind. Seminars and groups may be conducted during weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings as well as on weekends with times to be set after discussion with participants.


The cost for all seminars is $60 per individual and $100 per couple. Each individual or couple will receive a copy of Dr. Mastria’s The Habit of Living.
The four Trainer seminars is a cost of $1500 per individual and each will receive a copy of The Habit of Living. Trainers will receive certification from Dr. Mastria and continuing educational courses will be offered at a cost of $75 per session.
Ongoing Attention Training Groups will meet at the Attention Training Institute. The cost for each session is $25 per individual.


Dr. Mastria will travel to your group or organization to conduct seminars. The cost for this service is the same as stated above per individual but will also include expenses.


Print and fill out the registration form and mail it to the Attention Training Institute along with a 50% deposit ($30 for individual) in order to be included as a participant in your desired seminar. You will be contacted to confirm the time and date of your seminar.

Click here to fill out ATI's Seminar Registration Online Form


Feel free to contact Dr. Mastria with any questions you may have. Simply leave a massage at the Institute with your contact information to receive a return call.