Quotes From Students

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“After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Dr. Mastria helped me to regain control of my life so that I can live the way I want to. Life is good! " ~ S. C.

" As a result of his treatment, the quality of my life has been pleasantly upgraded and my relationships with people are much more enjoyable. I believe Dr. Mastria's treatment is effective, all-encompassing and right on target.” ~
J. Z.

"I feel that he has brilliantly explained the mechanism of all psychological discomfort.” ~ N. C.

“ While it is impossible to turn back the clock, Dr. Mastria has developed a method which enables us to wind it up again.” ~
J. T.

“ Dr. Mastria's form of treatment which concerns an emphasis on increased attention in the present and the creation of a new habit or style of thinking is innovative and so simple-BUT IT WORKS!” ~
O. L.

“ What I find so fascinating is how simple the whole process is. I am so grateful to enjoy my life and to regain my relationship with my loved ones.” ~

"By learning to stay in the present and concentrate only on the positive, my negative thinking has been replaced with a new style of thinking, a new habit.” ~ S. V.

“ Without medication and just Dr. Mastria's innovative treatment, I am beginning to live my life to the fullest every day.” ~
S. L.

“ I love this treatment. I've created a new habit, a new style of thinking that surpasses my old habit.” ~ D. F.

“ As I built my new habit, all my disorders faded away.” ~
 J. B.

“ My new habit is firmly in place and after having ended therapy several years ago, I continue to do well.” ~
J. L.

“ The emphasis on increased attention is most enlightening and the creation of a new habit and style of thinking makes me much more aware of what is around me, thus causing a decrease in my symptoms.” ~ B. C. 

"This positive style of thinking has already produced results. I have become more efficient in my work and I no longer have anxiety attacks. My outlook on life has shifted toward the positive.” ~
 M. R.