the Attention Training Institute

We believe everyone has the right to live full, meaningful, and happy lives.

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Here, and on the following pages, you will discover what makes Dr. Mastria’s Attention Training so exciting and unique, and why it has been successful in eliminating discomfort for so many people.

The Attention Training Institute, established in June 2000, was the brainchild of Dr. Ernest Mastria. After realizing his life-long ambition to uncover a significant cause for discomfort and an effective method to alleviate that discomfort. Dr. Mastria looked for a means to offer his Attention Training technique to others beside his private students.

Attention Training had proven extraordinarily successful with individuals experiencing discomfort of all kinds. Since the approach is physical in nature, Dr. Mastria understood that background and personal information would not be required. Therefore, he decided to offer his method to the public by means of seminars, workshops, and groups.


The principal intention of the Institute is to further the theory of Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD) as a major cause for discomfort and Attention Training as a method to alleviate discomfort and achieve greater happiness. Basic to the theory of RAD and Attention Training is the concept of awareness as the focal point for discomfort. If awareness of the “here and now” is maintained, attention cannot be converted into the negative thoughts that trigger discomfort.

Because RAD defines discomfort in terms of a reflex or “bad habit” originating in the body rather than in the mind, knowledge of personal background is not necessary for effective intervention. Instead, individuals concentrate their efforts on learning to focus awareness towards the present. This allows Attention Training to be taught in groups; making the procedure both cost and time efficient. The result is a refreshing, innovative, and highly successful approach to addressing discomfort and its origin.