Upcoming And Current Events

  • The Attention Training Manual- Dr. Mastria presents his groundbreaking Attention Training Method and the cornerstones of his theory: the Four Points and Taking Back Small Times in and easy to follow step by step instruction text that is intended to stop the discomfort of symptoms and to lead the reader to the happiness of life in the here and now. Different from The Habit of Living which presents his logical explanation for the origin and sequence of symptoms and the tools to fight back, The Attention Training Manual gets right to the techniques that provide near immediate and pleasurable change.
  • The Attention Training DVD  - Watch Dr. Mastria present his theory of Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD) and his Attention Training Method in the comfort of your home without expensive doctor office visits. Find out why Dr. Mastria views individual differences and background information as irrelevant to prevent symptoms and to live happy. Be able to review important concepts and techniques and move at your own pace. Look for the Five Point Program for Children and the Four Point System for Relationships on DVD in the near future.
  • The Habit of Childhood - In his second major work, Dr. Mastria converts his revolutionary Four Points from The Habit of Living into a Five Point Program for children. Since Dr. Mastria believes that a child should be out running and playing rather than spending time in a doctor's office, his Five Point Program is intended to train parents and caretakers to teach a child to be expressive and to live in the present. This program prevents a child from learning the "bad" habit of over socialization and rids a children of the "bad" habit in those who have learned it.
  • The Habit of Relationships - In his third major work that completes his address to  human behavior, Dr. Mastria explains that the "bad" habit not only prevents an individual from happiness in the here and now but also interferes with closeness in relationships. He explains the concept of love, destructive "mind reading" thoughts, and presents a Four Point System to build a new and healthy relationship.