Biography of Dr. Ernest Mastria

Ernest Mastria, Psy.D, is a New Jersey clinical and forensic psychologist with private practices in Jersey City and Belmar. Dr. Mastria learned about people on the multicultural streets of Jersey City where he was raised. His first-generation Italian parents taught him the value of hard work, empathy for others and the importance of expressing his opinion while accepting differences from others.


Dr. Ernest Mastria

With a parochial grammar school and high school education, Dr. Mastria decided to follow his older sister to Spokane, Washington to attend Eastern Washington University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in clinical psychology. 

After returning to New Jersey from Washington, Dr. Mastria attended Rutgers University and was awarded a Doctor of Psychology degree in 1977. He opened private practices in Jersey City and in Belmar. 

Dr. Mastria gained a favorable reputation by treating difficult patients referred to him by other doctors and agencies. It was during his years of private practice that he developed his theory of Reflexive Attention Diversion and his method of Attention Training.

In a field riddled with a multitude of complex theories and procedures, Dr. Mastria has created a singular, remarkably simple, highly effective, and standardized technique for eliminating psychological symptoms. This new and revolutionary approach is rapidly earning him the reputation as a “Thought Leader” in psychology.