The Attention Training Institute


Attention Training is the result of twenty years of research and observation by Dr. Ernest Mastria while practicing as a clinical psychologist. What Dr. Mastria found was that before nervousness, the blues, or unwarranted anger or behaviors occurred, contact with the here and now literally decreased and the individual experienced a distancing from reality or an unreal fogginess.  The attention that should be directed toward the world but decreases is automatically converted into negative thoughts of the future, the past, or of what others may think. It is these negative thoughts that trigger discomfort.

Dr. Mastria presents his groundbreaking theory in two seminars:

             The first seminar includes a logical explanation for the origin of discomfort. Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD) is diagramed and explained in simple, easy to understand language. The participants then learn tools to fight back against decreased attention and the discomfort that it triggers. The Four Points is a breathtakingly simple manner to increase awareness and attention and benefit from the pleasure that it brings. With repetition, the automatic awareness that we are all born with is jump-started and does not allow the decrease in attention to occur. The concept is simple; If focus on the here and now is not allowed to decrease, then attention cannot be converted into the negative thoughts that cause discomfort. The first seminar will require a two and one half hour period. 

            The second seminar will be conducted three or four days after the seminar and will be used to reinforce the training, answer questions, and teach the very important technique of Taking Back Small Times. When the Four Points and Taking Back Small Times are practiced together, the individual is completely in the present and all discomfort vanished and cannot return so long as contact with the present maintains. The second seminar will require approximately one and one half hours.

 Attention Training is not a psychological treatment but an educational process.

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