THE Attention Training Institute

The Attention Training Institute has one purpose: to help people to live happier, fuller lives. Dr. Mastria believes that the cornerstone of the “Bad Habit” is the tendency to take differences of opinion personally as angry acts and as criticism. Learned through the process of socialization, a “tightness” or tendency to “hold back” spontaneity is learned in the body to eliminate the potential to offend and suffer negative results from others.

It is the tendency to take differences personally that Dr. Mastria sees as the basis for friction among people. He sees taking differences personally at the root of discrimination and prejudicial race relations. He sees it as a major justification for violent behaviors, including war. He finds it to be a convenient validation for criminal behavior, and he sees it to be a rationalization for many white collar crimes.

We are a world of different peoples.  We are different in color, custom, stature, speech, and style. We have different faces, different hopes and dreams. We may pray to different Gods or to none at all. We are short, tall, overweight, underweight, good-looking or not.

It is the tendency to take differences personally that contributes to poor race relations. Instead of seeing differences as assets to add to our knowledge and comprehension of our world, the “Bad Habit” uses differences to fabricate threat and to feed defensiveness. So that a brown person has entered the country illegally and will drain our economy, or a black person is lazy and violent, or a white person will take advantage of us.

War may be started over the same foolish fabricated justifications. That a people that do not honor the same God as another has them become infidels that deserve to die; or a race of people living in the same land may corrupt the purity of another race and should be exterminated.

Criminal behavior may be justified by the illogic that “they have and I don’t and that makes them better than me and justifies me taking from them.”

Organizations in business and information don’t like change. Change threatens their power or influence and cuts into their ability to generate income. At all costs, organizations will stamp out different ideas to preserve their power. It makes little difference that new ideas would benefit all of us. To many organizations, preserving power is essential and justifies illegal and unethical behavior.

Imagine a society whose individuals didn’t take differences personally as criticism but as points of view. People would get along and cooperate for the benefit of all, disputes among peoples could be settled intelligently and reasonably without violence and bloodshed, individuals would understand that they have as much right as anyone else to be successful without criminal behavior. The sciences and arts would excel for the health, welfare, and pleasure of us all. Organizations would not block advances but would encourage them and would market them, understanding that if people saw the benefit of a new and improved product, consumers would purchase with trust in the organization and deception would no longer be needed or necessary.

The purpose of the Attention Training Institute is to provide people with information and an alternative way to view why we think and behave as we do.

The Institute understands that it is unable to change the world on its own.
The people will do that.