THE Attention Training Institute

Excerpts from Dr. Mastria’s Press Release:

“Plagued with worry, anxiety or just a nagging sense that “something’s missing?”

Dr. Ernest Mastria has found a single explanation for these troubling psychological symptoms – and a single “cure.”

 …Many people spend every day constricted, anxious, depressed, and worried. Some of us aren’t even aware that we’re missing out on the richness and color and beauty of life. Others do realize that we’re vaguely unhappy, that something is missing, that we’re not living each day to the fullest . . . but we’re just not sure what to do about it.  

…Ernest Mastria, Psy.D., has a solution. After many years of trying to pinpoint a single cause for all psychological symptoms (depression, anxiety, troublesome, unwanted behaviors)—and a single method for eliminating their pain—this clinical and forensic psychologist has found success.

…This, in a nutshell, is his premise: at the heart of all psychological discomfort is Reflexive Attention Diversion (RAD), a “bad habit” that distracts an individual from the “here and now” so that spontaneous expression of personal taste cannot occur. If a person can build a new habit based on keeping his or her awareness focused on the present, then RAD can be overridden and the painful symptoms cannot occur.

…The good news is that Mastria’s breakthrough technique is accomplished without drugs, extensive psychotherapy sessions, and expensive medical bills. The even better news is that it works on both “garden-variety” RAD symptoms, and serious, debilitating cases of anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

… The bottom line? Attention Training can transform lives in dramatic ways. When you embrace these techniques, you come to see the world’s beauty more clearly, form deeper, more meaningful relationships, enjoy better physical health and develop fulfilling hobbies and interests. You become more confident, more enthusiastic, and perhaps for the first time in your life, happy.

… “It has taken nearly twenty years to develop the theory of Reflexive Attention Diversion and the technique of Attention Training,” he writes. “From the frustration of treating individuals with little to no progress, to the crude attempts to have my people pamper themselves, to the structure of the Four Points, to the very important concept of Taking Back Small Times, it’s been a long but worthwhile journey. The change that occurred in my people was a reward for me that few individuals could ever hope for in their lifetimes.”

- Dottie DeHart, Rocks-DeHart Public Relations