The Attention Training Institute


Basically, Attention Training is a biological technique that employs the Pleasure Principle to produce desired results. The Pleasure Principle is a fact that states if you place any organism, even an amoeba, in a condition of pleasure and pain, and give the organism enough changes to learn the position of each, the organism will always gravitate toward pleasure and avoid discomfort.

This is the case with Attention Training. Through the Four Points and Taking Back Small Times, the body is given chances to learn the positions of pleasure and discomfort. With repetition, the body gravitates toward pleasure and avoids discomfort.

Different from what I believed when writing The Habit of Living, a new habit of awareness is not built through Attention Training. Instead, the automatic awareness that we are born with is “jump started” and continues to operate for life. The negative thoughts that the “Bad Habit” uses to distract the individual from spontaneous expression in the present lose the ability to distract since the individual views negative, out of present thoughts, as foolish and cannot respond to them as valid.

To view the problem of decreased awareness and negative thoughts differently, we may say that a person with the “Bad Habit” has too much attention “inside their head” and this attention is continuously being converted into negative thoughts outside the present that are used to justify the discomfort that decreased awareness produces.

When an individual consciously and deliberately uses one of the Four Points, some attention that was used to fabricate justification for the discomfort of decreased awareness is placed back in the present, where it should be. As a result, although the individual may not experience pleasure, he or she will feel some degree of relief. It is this experience of relief that will encourage the body to repeat the Four Points and with repetition, pleasure, defined as likeable stimulation to the senses, is experienced.

As a biological procedure, background information and individual differences are irrelevant. Attention Training is an educational system that may to taught in large groups or may be learned by reading printed material and through practice. What is necessary for an individual to benefit from the procedure is the desire to gain happiness, dedication to the system, and practice till completion.

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