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TONY – Tony was referred to Dr. Mastria by his good friend, Dr. Ferretti. The woman suffered from a number of disorders including: panic attacks, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia, sleep disorder, and other symptoms. Tony had been in treatment with many doctors prior to her first visit with Dr. Mastria. She had lost her hair as a result of the medication that had been prescribed and was initially cautious that Attention Training would not work for her.

She kept attempting to relate her condition to past events as her previous doctors had but Dr. Mastria refused to allow her to excuse away her symptoms. As Dr. Mastria explained to Tony, “Your problem is not in the past but in your inability to focus on events in the present.” Finally, after fighting Dr. Mastria tooth and nail, Tony relented and followed Dr. Mastria’s groundbreaking Four Points. Tony was amazed at the results, as she continued to focus in the here and now, her symptoms lost their utility and dropped off with no attention from either Tony or Dr. Mastria. Today, Tony lives happily in New Jersey with her husband and son. She is out of all treatment, off all medications, and is symptom free.

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