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ROBERT – Robert had a fear of driving over bridges also. Driving to work in Jersey City was a real chore for Robert who had to take alternate roads to avoid the bridges on the New Jersey Turnpike. Once at work, Robert’s real problems began. Robert tended to anticipate what people thought of him. He wouldn’t express his opinion for fear of offending. Robert heard of Dr. Mastria through a friend and made an appointment for Attention Training. Robert was done with sessions in record time.

He used the Four Points and refused to anticipate. In no time Robert was driving anywhere he wanted. He stopped anticipating what people thought and learned only to react to what came out of their mouths. With his new tools, Robert expressed opinions and began to take differences from others as points of view rather than as angry acts or criticism. To Robert’s surprise, the depression over his restricted lifestyle relieved and he feels happier than ever in his life.

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