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Student Video Testimonials

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MATHEW – Mathew met Dr. Mastria by attending one of the Dr.’s seminars. Mathew was twenty-two-years old and had seen five different psychiatrists and psychologists for horrible anxiety that prevented him from leaving the house on his own. He had dropped out of school on three occasions, was without a driver’s license, and couldn’t work. The doctors that he saw kept bringing up his past to explain his anxiety and urged Mathew to take medication to reduce his symptoms.

As Mathew reported, “A light went off in my mind (during the seminar) and I understood where my anxiety came from.” Mathew saw Dr. Mastria for a few sessions and eliminated his anxiety. Now, Mathew attends school, has obtained his driver’s license, and is assistant manager at a Block Buster’s. As Mathew told his last psychiatrist who couldn’t seem to understand Attention Training and who wanted to discuss Mathew’s past, “The past just doesn’t matter and I won’t be coming back.”

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