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DAVID – David was greatly concerned for his son. At twenty-years-old, David Jr. suffered panic attacks and had become addicted to prescription medication in an effort to control his severe anxiety. David had sent his son to psychiatrist after psychiatrist with no results. Finally, David Jr. remained in his room to avoid situations that he believed might trigger the terror of his anxiety. David maintained his business and family in Florida.

However, when his son had to leave school because of his anxiety, David decided to have David Jr. return to the family’s hometown in Belmar, New Jersey to enter a substance abuse facility.  David and his wife decided to close his business and return to Belmar to care for their son. After David Jr.’s discharge from the rehabilitation facility and before David was able to join his son in Belmar, David spoke to his cousin, a physician in New Jersey, who referred David to Dr. Mastria to treat David Jr. David Jr. visited Dr. Mastria and called his father after the first visit. David noted a difference in his son’s voice during the call. His attitude was different: it as hopeful. After a few sessions, David Jr. was anxiety free and his substance abuse problem was gone. Upon his return to New Jersey, David, David Jr., and Dr. Mastria celebrated David Jr.’s successful Attention Training over dinner. Currently, at twenty-two-years-old, David Jr. is part owner and manager of two restaurants in Belmar and has maintained a meaningful relationship with his girlfriend of two years. David Jr. is happy and cannot experience anxiety, seeing the negative thoughts that trigger the discomfort as “stupid”.

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